Episode 42


Fire Side Chat - Quarantine Happy Hour Ingredients List Woodford Reserve field day cocktail: Hendrickson Road 1. Bourbon 2. Lemon Juice 3. Aperol 4. Rosemary Sprigs 5. Tattersall Sour Cherry Liq. ( most cherry will work, just don’t want a super sweet one) 6. Orange Bitters 7. Rich simple syrup (2:1 sugar to water) II. Vodka Cocktail: Berry Gimlet 1. Vodka 2. Lime Juice 3. Rich simple syrup 4. Frozen or fresh berries ( really any type will do, I’m using raspberry, blackberry, blueberry) III. Bens ratchet drink: Tangy 1. Bourbon or vodka 2. Tang powder 3. Egg white (optional) 4. Rich simple syrup IV. Have it your way: bourbon or brandy old fashioned 1. Bourbon or brandy 2. Rich simple syrup 3. Bitters of your choosing 4. Whole orange V. Tools list A. Shaker 1. Shaker tin 2. Fitness shaker bottle 3. Mason jar with lid a) Really anything that you can get a good seal with that lets you move the ice fast. B. Mixing glass ( some thing to stir in, preferably straight walled) 1. Large mugs work 2. Rocks glass C. Measuring tool 1. Jigger 2. Measured shot glass 3. Small measuring cup with increments. D. Spoon for mixing 1. Cocktail spoon preferred but most things will work. E. Strainer 1. Tea strainer 2. Hawthorne strainer a) Really you can use almost anything you’re just trying to leave the ice pieces behind. F. Glassware a) Really anything you want can be used Directions I. Field Day: Hendrickson Road a) 2oz woodford b) 3/4 oz rosemary aperol c) 3/4 oz tattersall d) 1/2 oz lemon e) 2d orange bitters f) 1 bar spoon simple (a)Adds “fat” All ingredients in shaker, shake and strain into glass. II. Vodka gimlet a) 2oz vodka (call back to infusing) b) 1oz lime c) 3/4oz simple d) Berry garnish e) Over big cube or on rocks All ingredients in shaker, shake and strain. III.BY-Old fashioned a) Thumbnail bitters b) 2 bar spoon simple c) 2.5 oz whiskey or brandy All ingredients in mixing glass, stir til just under diluted and strain over cubes or big cube IV. Kick in a glass a) 2oz whiskey b) 1oz tang c) 1/2 oz simple d) Egg white All ingredients in shaker, shake once with ice, strain and discard ice. Shake again without ice then strain into glass